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What Month Is Best to Start Watering the Lawn?

All plants need water, but not all plants tolerate a lot of it. There is an art of watering. You should know it to keep your garden looking healthy as well as beautiful. This is the reason why they can give homeowners the right advice about when to start watering lawn. However, people with detached homes have lawns that may not necessarily face watering needs similar to planted plants in other parts of the garden. The lawn is unique because of its aesthetic as well as functional uses. Besides, watering the lawn is a hobby for most people; it helps them clear their heads. Bear in mind though that too much or too little water can mess the look of the lawn which require expensive repair costs.


Many homeowners start watering their lawn right after the end of the winter season. It is important to note though that during early spring, there is usually enough rain to keep your lawn healthy. The truth is that experts recommend that you start watering your lawn when the weather gets dry. Apart from knowing when to start watering lawn, you should also make yourself aware of other maintenance tips to keep your lawn healthy.

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Consider How Grass Grows

Grass needs to keep green all the time. The implication is that once you start with your watering process, you will need to keep up on a daily basis if there is no natural precipitation to help you out. Therefore, watering is a commitment you must prepare for before deciding to do it. Grass grows fast hence; it will need mowing, which will also change the watering needs. You also expect the medium used to plant the grass to affect water retention capabilities and this, in turn, influences the correct timing for the watering activities.

The Type of Grass in Your Lawn


The type of grass can influence perspiration rates, water retention capacity, and the lawn coverage created by the grass’ canopy. Apart from knowing when to start watering lawn, you would also need the right species to tolerate your area’s climatic conditions. Otherwise, there will be a need for great care to make sure environmental conditions fit the ideal settings for the grass to thrive. Your lawn might look a little bit patchy if you let a lot of activities take place on it. It can also turn out bushy if there is fast growth because of too much watering.

Pay Attention to the Soil Temperatures

The soil temperatures will trigger the growth of the grass after a period of cold months. Knowing this will help determine when to start watering lawn. When the temperature rises to about 40, they cause the grass to begin growing especially if your lawn has bluegrass. You can rely on the soil temperature behavior to know when to start watering the lawn. You can also go with the months’ temperature readings to expect when to start watering. In this case, you can start watering in the month of April.

Mowing Consistency Affect the Right Month to Water

Mowing can also affect the ideal time for when to start watering lawn. If you are moving heavily, which is to say you are cutting the grass while it is short, and your area does not experience winter months, then you will need to start watering much early in the year. You might have your watering cans or pipes ready by February to coincide with the application of fertilizers. Your watering will be mild, which is different from the ordinary April start of watering that requires much water to promote regrowth of the grass.…